Why Is My Canadian Visa Taking So Long?

What’s the hold-up? You’ve checked the processing time on the government’s website and you’ve almost reached it, or even past it, but you still have not heard anything back from the visa office. It has got your thinking, have you submitted something incorrectly, will I get refused, did they lose my application?


    There are many reasons why the government might take longer than usual. One of them might be because of the high influx amount of applications they are attempting to handle. Unfortunately, if you’ve forgotten a key important in the application it could be returned in full. In other cases, where information is provided incorrectly, they may request you to resend a corrected version of the document or provide additional information. Either of these cases will cause a delay in your application as the immigration officer will need these errors amended before the application can continue.


      Tips on how to put forth a smooth application: ensure you follow a checklist and include all relevant documents and additional explanations. But, in the case where you haven’t heard back from the visa office, you may need to get request for an update or expedited process.


        If you’ve already submitted your application or had somebody else do it for you, and it was unfortunately refused, we will be able to assist in directing you in the next steps. We will look in depth into the officer’s notes or judge’s reasons for the decision and will guide you on how to go about submitting a compelling case to avoid future pitfalls.


          To get a status update, it is advisable to wait until after the estimated processing time has elapsed. Or, in cases of urgent processing, request for an expedited service within the initial application submission. In more serious cases, we are able to request the officer’s notes on your current application to see where it stands. Feel free to contact us so we can inquire to the immigration officer on your application.

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