It’s time to make your move

We are here to portray your story in the best possible light, backed by law, for a more seamless transition through the Canadian immigration world. You do not have to do this alone. Understanding your story and knowing how to properly tell it is key to your goal in approving your case.  

Our Services

Permanent Residence

You’re not a citizen, but close. Have the freedom to study, work and live in Canada with permanent residence status. 


Welcome to the family! Want to run from prime minister? Now you can. Want to travel to 184 countries with your new passport? Have fun. 

Work Permit

Immigrants helped build this country. You have skills that many Canadians are lacking in the workforce, we need you here.  

Study Permit

Times up…Put your pencils down…You passed! Can’t you just picture yourself in your cap and gown? Study in Canada amongst the best.  


Family reunification is key, and this country is too large to explore all on your own. Sponsor your loved ones.


Super-glue isn’t going to fix this issue. Luckily we are here to help and prepared to do some serious damage control.

Visitor Visa

Fill up your Instagram account with your Canadian vacation posts. Stay for a day, week, even 6 months. 


You don’t work for nobody, and it’s going to be like that in Canada. Obtain your PR by doing what you do best.  


Showcase your successful entrepreneur and investment skills by entering into the Canadian financial realm. The competition is real. 

Humanitarian & Compassionate

Tug on those heart strings, because you deserve to be in Canada. If you don’t qualify, there may still be a way. 

Provincial Nominee Program

Provinces regularly open, close and create many new programs. Let’s see if you qualify for one of them. 

Tribunal Hearing

All rise. Whether it’s a detention review, removal order, residency obligation or sponsorship appeal, we’ll be by your side. 

A Simpler, Affordable Approach to Canadian Immigration

Having a confident, affordable and reliable professional by your side will let your mind be at ease while you make this big step in your life. You do not have to do it alone. We are here to help your goal in coming to Canada. 

WHY US? is an established Canadian immigration firm located in Toronto. Are you ready to study, work or live in Canada? Allow us to make this important transition in your life as smooth as possible. Our attention to detail and perfection produces high-quality cases with exceptional approval rates.