My Visa Application Was Refused

The long-awaited letter has arrived, it’s from Immigration Canada. But, it’s not what you’ve been hoping for. Unfortunately, your application was refused. Whether that may be for a visitor visa, study/work permit or permanent residency etc., you ask yourself, “I’ve submitted all the necessary documents, why was it refused?” 


    There are many reasons for a refusal. Generally, the letter will give a brief answer on why the visa officer did not approve your case. Examples of reasons the visa officer was not satisfied with your application could be:

    • Purpose of visit
    • Length of proposed stay in Canada
    • Family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    • Unable to provide sufficient and available resources
    • Not satisfied that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay
    • Relationship is not genuine, was entered primarily for the purpose of acquiring status
    • Have not met the requisite number of days for the residency obligation

    When reviewing the letter, the sections pertaining to the refusal will be listed or checked off, giving you an idea what the officer was referring to. It can be difficult to know the exact reason why the officer did not approve your case, even though you may have thought you provided enough evidence.


      In order to get to the exact reason with all the details listed, you will need to request a copy of the visa officer’s notes. These notes are typed by the officer. It shows what their thoughts/reasons are during and after their case examination. Luckily, this can be accessed and takes roughly 30 days to arrive. With these notes, we will be able to dig deep into the reasons for decisions, pin-point to exactly what the officer was referring to and why they concluded that this application be ultimately refused.


        Depending on the type of program you applied for, an appeal might not be possible. But, a restoration of your status could be available. A restoration must be submitted within 90 days of receiving your refusal letter. It is important to note that at this point, you may not have valid status. Submitting a restoration or a new application should be done if a major change has happened in your life which could positively effect a new application, if you had forgotten to include a vital document, you have noticed the officer made a great error, or you wish to change your status so you can remain in Canada with legal status. With the combination of reviewing the officer’s notes and submitting a restoration or new application, you will stand a better chance at obtaining that initial status you attempted to gain.


          Avoid future pitfalls by submitting your case with the right documentation. Contact us now and allow us to review your refusal letter or notes, to help you better understand what went wrong, and how we can proceed with a stronger case for the future.

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