Don’t Lick the Screen

Looking for a place to eat but not sure if it’s worth it? Don’t risk it! We sat down with Sarah Hussain, who’s travelled the vast lands in search of edible delights. We asked, she shared. Here’s Sarah’s story!

I was born and bought up in India. I then graduated from Mater Dei Convent and from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. I always knew I would have a career in something creative and I just wanted to do something out of the box. I thought to myself, there are 2 things that I know: how to use social media and I loved exploring places. As such, I combined the two and made it my full-time career! It was quite tough in the beginning as I had to invest a lot of time and money, but I’m glad I did it and here I am. Having the highest number of followers in Canada in a personal food blog category is something I take great pride in.

I started food blogging at the age of 19 when I was in college, as I loved taking pictures of food for my Snapchat. I started posting it on Instagram as well and slowly but steadily it started getting a lot of fame. Restaurants and brands began wanting to collaborate with me. There is a lot of hard work and patience that goes into making one successful blog, it cannot be made in one day or even one year, it needs time to grow.

When I came to Canada, my initial thought of Canadian food consisted of poutine and pancakes with maple syrup. Since then, I’ve explored much more and have fallen in love with deep dish pizzas and cheesecakes. It’s hard to define “Canadian” food, I feel it’s a hub of cultural food as well, you get every cuisine here from all different cultures. Speaking of Canadian culture, I love everything about it (except for the bad, cold weather, haha).  I love how while travelling in the TTC you can hear over 10 international languages at once. Even during my classes at school, I had students studying from more than 10 different nationalities. I have never seen that, ever. I’m glad to be a part of such a dynamic and productive society. Canada is truly an accepting and welcoming nation.

I have recently visited the United States, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and I feel Canada is much diverse than any of the countries I’ve been to. The mutual respect between different types of people is pleasing to see. So many people, with so many different nationalities and cultures, live here in peace and harmony. It is a lesson the rest of the world can see and work on.


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You can follow Sarah as she bites into mouthwatering dishes on her Instagram @zingyzest

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