Can I Stay Longer In Canada?

You’ve been given the usual 6-month stay in the Canada and loving it so far! You’re here to visit family or friends, or exploring the great scenery, multiculturalism and culture Canada has to offer. Either way, you can’t go home (well, maybe you will during the winter months) yet without absorbing as much of the great white north as possible. 


    When putting forth an extension application, it is important to take note of the original reason for entering Canada as it might differ from the reason for the extension. Having a thorough, truthful explanation along with being able to show your financial stability while visiting will be crucial. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon your passion and plan to study in some of the great colleges/universities Canada offers, or maybe you’ve met that special someone and things are getting serious. In those cases, you can also opt-in applying to different applications.


      It would be necessary to apply prior to expiry date of your legal stay in Canada. If your application is still in process after your status expired, you may still be considered in legal status until a final decision on your application has been made. But, in the unfortunate case your application is refused after your status expired, you may be considered to have overstayed and a restoration of your status may need to be done.


        A well organized and timed application will go a long way. Feel free to contact us if you wish to continue your stay in Canada.

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