Ace of Cakes

These aren’t your regular old cakes folks. We sat down with Lyndsay Sung, who adds a bit more than just frosting on these sweet masterpieces. We asked, she shared. Here’s Lyndsay’s tasty story!

I was born in Vancouver, BC and grew up close by in a suburb. My parents, and 3/4 of my grandparents were also born in Vancouver! Our Chinese Canadian family has been here through generations. We had a very close family, so we would see my cousins and extended family every weekend for birthdays, Chinese dinners or an amalgamation of the two. My dad worked in the produce business so we always had fruit and vegetable paraphernalia around the house. Sunkist Orange toques and stuff like that. I grew up in the suburbs, so of course mall culture was big back in the late 80s/early 90s.

I can remember some first experiments in my home kitchen as a child – trying to make soup by dumping every spice in our spice drawer into a pot of water on the stove, watching it turn brown and then trying it. I had no idea about building flavours and making soup stock back then, obviously! I grew to love cooking over time, as I started cooking for myself, experimenting, practicing and then cooking for my family.

I’ve been a baker, cake designer and blogger for ten years now, my longest career yet! I’ve met people online all across Canada and the world through my self-created job.

The food, and the diversity of Canadians are so unique! Every region, city, suburb is different and often times totally unique, all the way across the country. In Vancouver, there are many Asian people, and this is reflected in everything from the abundance of dim sum and Japanese restaurants, and amazing Asian groceries available to buy, to the romantic couples you see walking down the street – many interracial couples and half-Asian babies! Richmond is an oasis of fantastic food, Chinese BBQ, even the food courts at the Asian malls are amazing. In our neighborhood of Commercial Drive, it is known as Little Italy, and there are Italian Days celebrations in the summer reflecting on the history of the neighbourhood culture and traditions and of course the food. But all the way down Commercial Drive you’ll find green grocers, coffee shops, sushi spots, weed shops and lots of unique shops and restaurants. Last year my husband and I got to travel to Newfoundland, my first time there, and we loved it. Whenever I travel I try to take in some regional food or interesting places to eat! We loved Mallard Cottage in St.John’s. I’d love to visit Quebec again soon. I love that in my son’s school class, it’s like a multicultural picture of Canada. It’s beautiful. I want him to grow up knowing that his culture and being different-looking (other than white) is a great thing, something to be proud of.

Lastly, I think I’m known for my “kawaii” style cute animal cakes made with “furry” buttercream piping, I love doing these types. I also love going to the mountains – cold crisp air on a sunny snowy day. It inspires in that it invigorates and helps me to be mindful and appreciative of its beauty. There is a lot of beauty in nature in Canada and we are super lucky to be able to experience that.



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You can follow Lyndsay and her amazing cake designs at and on her Instagram @cococakeland

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